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I'm Johnny Armstrong, founder of My Wellness Friend, and I would love to help you better manage your overall health and well-being!


What this is about

Isn't it true that some of life's most joyous and gratifying moments are somehow connected to seeing those you care about doing well? That idea is at the very heart of both why I am engaged in health coaching and how I approach the effort.

I am energized by helping others take hold of their health and overall wellness to make lasting changes in the areas they want to address. Sure, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to the various components of lifestyle behavior (i.e., diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, etc.), but there are principles that can be applied to everyone that can then be tailored to fit a person's preferences, thresholds, particular challenges, and season of life, among other things.

It starts with building a plan centered around your unique values and vision for life. Unearthing what is most important to you and how you envision your life reflecting these qualities is what sets the stage for our relationship as we co-create your plan. What matters most to you is the foundation for the entire approach. My role is to help you create a roadmap to achieve your health and wellness goals, and then assist you in developing the skills and resilience necessary to stay on that journey.

We will partner to uncover and explore the areas you hope to improve, specific behaviors you wish to start or stop, identify barriers to success, and help formulate action plans for implementing these changes when you are ready to so. I will be your friendly "guide on the side" offering continued motivation, support, accountability, and troubleshooting as you discover what needs to change, and what does and does not work. It's all about a team effort that is built on mutual respect and goodwill with you at the very center. After all, you're the expert on your life, so I am simply there to help you make the most of it!

I am determined to be a helpful and inspiring presence in the lives of those who invite me to move alongside them on the path toward enhanced health and well-being. Looking forward to taking some steps with you!


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