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Coaching designed to help you take steps toward gaining control and making the most of your health and wellness journey.

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90-minute, guided assessment to include collaborative brainstorming, ideas, and recommendations based upon your unique situation and goals. We'll explore where you are, where you want to be, and how to get started moving in that direction.

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Bi-weekly 60-minute sessions over 90 days to help you lay out a plan to construct an approach to your well-being that is doable and sustainable. We will assess your current state and then work together to set goals and co-create action plans that align with your vision for life. I'll provide ideas and helpful materials (worksheets, checklists, suggested media, etc.), as well as check-in with you between meetings.

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For those desiring a more involved coaching experience and are willing to go next level with the effort, this is the package for you. Weekly 60-minute sessions over 90 days that allow for deeper analysis of your current state of wellness, where you want and need to be, and then collaborating to develop a detailed plan to close the gap. The weekly sessions will allow for in-depth exploration of how to improve what are the pillars of a sound approach to wellness: sleep quality, diet, exercise, and stress management.

Let's have a chat!

Please use the link below to send me an email so we can schedule a discovery call to explore what I'm offering and how I approach what is a partnership centered around your unique goals and vision for life. It'll be a pleasant conversation that will benefit us both!

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